There is a new trend in modern home design. More houses are being built with en suite kids bathrooms. Often teenagers take over the basement, turning it into an apartment with their private bathroom. Young kids and teenagers enjoy personal and unique girls or boys decor themes, their favorite colors and privacy.

Creating separate bathrooms for kids that are not used by adults and guests are convenient for children and parents. Kids bathrooms give the opportunity for boys and girls to explore decorating colors and enjoy favorite themes. Bathrooms can be small, but children appreciate private special spaces, created for them, and enjoy interesting painting ideas and bathroom decor accessories.

There&8217;s a debate: should parents spend money on kids bathrooms or simply wait for them to grow up. Kids grow up fast, but memories of beautiful rooms stay with them forever. It is worth to spend time on decorating for kids, looking for and buying matching the theme bathroom accessories.




Psychologists believe that separate kids bathrooms allow children quickly become self-reliant and mature.

Unique painting ideas and bathroom decor accessories stimulate an interest in hygiene procedures. Pleasant and interesting girls or boys decor themes make little children addictive to visiting their bathrooms.

Designing separate kids bathrooms are not a simple task. Little kids can help to choose their favorite theme, paint colors and bathroom decor accessories. There are plenty of wonderful boys decor themes that can satisfy any taste.



Boys decor

Western, Country, Duck, Frog, Fish, Seashell, Beach, Nautical, Light House, Pirates, Northern Adventure, Submarine, Plane, Car, Train, Palm Tree, Monkey, Jungle, Tropical, Hawaiian, Disney, Animals, Sports, Music, Night Skies, Stars, Rainbow, Flags are wonderful traditional themes for kids bathroom decor.

Kids bathrooms design should not be expensive. Selecting traditional themes, simple painting ideas and buying matching kids bathroom decor accessories will create a special and inviting atmosphere in kids bathrooms.

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