Ebulobo is a French kids toy company that offers brilliant ideas for children and design wonderful toys that are great kids decor items also. Kids and toys go together. Two designers have been making beautiful handmade toys since 1994, creating funny characters and stories for children. Their names are Anne Lelong & Ferdinand Lecomte.

Making toys for children is a real pleasure. Designers enjoy their creative work and have fun, when test a new kids toy with young children during photo shoots. Adorable soft toys are colorful, unusual and interesting. Ebulobo kids toy designers create incredibly funny, playful and friendly characters. ()

Storage for kids toys is a hot topic. Decorating with toys and allowing children to see their toys all the time are an interesting approach that will please your children and inspire you to come up with fresh and personal decorating ideas for your kids rooms. Decorating kids rooms with their favorite toys will organize toys naturally, saving your time and energy.

Kids and toys

Also you can decorate kids toy chest or shelves with large soft toys that your child likes. Select your children favorite toys and use them for decorating children bedrooms and playrooms, finding special places for their favorite characters.

Soft toys are excellent decorating ideas for kids rooms. Effective kids rooms ideas, created with a serious intent and playful creativity, will help design pleasant, stimulating and personal living spaces for your children and make them happy.


Kids toy designers study the complex science, children psychomotor and cognitive development, activities and child responsiveness, looking for new information that can be used for kids toy design and kids room decorating ideas.

Toys design and developing decorating ideas for kids rooms are important and creative jobs. Toys teach and educate children with interesting and funny stories. Kids toy designers from Edulobo, located in Paris, could easily write books for children, but decided to transform their creative stories into toys.


There are two collections of soft toys from Edulobo, &8211; T&8217;es fou Louloup!!! and Woodours. The star T&8217;es fou Louloup!!! is Hungry Wolf who won the award The Toy of the Year in 2009. Wolf is so hungry, he eats everything, including cell phones, kitchen appliances and small kids decor items.

You can create your own story for your children and come up with clever kids rooms ideas that will turn your home into more interesting and exciting place with funny and friendly characters who live in your children bedrooms.

Ebulobo characters can be your inspiration. You can create a beautiful tale for your children and their favorite toys, including clever Shelf with books, playful Pillow, honest Teddy Bear, strong Cot, kind Sleeping Bag, etc. Then it will be easy to find playful storage solutions for toys, interesting theme and ideas for your kids rooms.

Toys will help you organize your children bedroom and teach them important things, like friendship, cooperation, good communication and affection.


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Playful Contemporary Country Cabin Boys Bedroom Features A Gray Tree House Bed Dressed In Blue Striped Bedding And Sat Against A Plank Accent Wall Illuminated By A White Floor Lamp. A Water Color Geometric Rug Covers Beige Carpeted Floors And Sits Under The Treehouse Providing A Lovely Reading Nook Completed With Orange, Blue, And Brown Printed Pillows And A Orange Book Box. Underneath A Window Framed By Gray Walls And Draped In A Green Striped Roman Shade Finished With White Plantation Shutters, A Modern White Bookshelf Sits Partially On Top Of The Rug.

Sweet Kid's Room Features An Oak Twin Bed Dressed In Garnet Hill Rockets Percale Sheet Set Beside An Oak 3 Leg Stool Doubling As Nightstand Next To A Framed Dog Print Over A Kid's Architect's Desk With Green Top. The Focal Wall In A Kid's Room Is Lined With A Toys R Us World Map Wall Mural Over A Low White Lacquered Storage Cabinet Topped With Toys Alongside A White And Blue Stripe Runner Layered Over Carpeting.

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