Glass painting offers unique and special ideas for dads birthday, Fathers Day gifts and party table decoration. Handmade, fun and colorful glass painting images offer various themes that dads like, &8211; animal skin prints, stripes and leaves, snow mountains, waves or palm trees that remind a wonderful vacation. A glass with creative, meaningful or funny glass painting design has more heart than store-bought gift for Fathers Day.

You know what your dad likes. Select the theme for glass painting designs and create wonderful table decoration with bright hand painted glasses and delicious meals on Fathers Day or dads birthday. With a little creativity, time and understanding of what your father enjoys, you can make a colorful, memorable and special gift for Fathers Day or his birthday.

Fathers Day crafts are a creative way to recycle useless or lacking interest items, and can be made of eco friendly and natural materials. Simple plain old beer or wine glass sets are great for making unusual and creative dads birthday and Fathers Day gifts. Interesting and thoughtful glass painting designs will add bright color to dads birthday party or Fathers Day table decoration, showing your love and appreciation.

Glass painting ideas for dads birthday table decoration and Fathers Day gifts

1. Glass painting designs with sport equipment images, like golf clubs, hockey sticks, soccer balls, skateboards, snowboards, sneakers, sport wear, etc, help create a special Fathers Day gifts. Buy new sport equipment items or private lesson certificates also. With glasses, beer glass set or hand painted wine glasses they make a thoughtful and useful gift for Fathers Day or dads birthday.

2. Glass painting designs with images of a cushion or folding chairs create wonderful glasses for your dad. Add a folding chair or a cushion and a beautiful card. For dads who often attend his kids sport events, the combination is the most welcome gift for Fathers Day or his birthday.

3. Glass painting designs with a dollar sign, suitcase,  luggage tag, plane or a car help create fantastic Fathers Day gifts or birthday presents for dads who travel. Buy some items, related to frequent business trips, add a hand painted glass set and a card, that make a wonderful gift for Fathers Day or dads birthday party table decoration.


4. Stress relieves, calendars, books, stationery items and notebooks are also great glass painting images for simple and quick, meaningful and personal glass painting designs.

Brown, black, gray, navy blue, silver and forest green are favorite masculine colors. Use them, preparing unique Fathers Day gifts or birthday presents for dads. ()

5. Glass painting designs, like your dads company emblem, June calendar page, glass painting images, associated with hid profession or an apron, if your dad likes to cook, are great for decorating ordinary, beer and wine glasses and creating fabulous presents for dads. Adding a card and small items that support selected Fathers Day theme makes your gift for Fathers Day or dads birthday more elegant, thoughtful, useful and very personal.

6. Patriotic glass painting designs are great Fathers Day ideas. Patriotic glass painting images help create a wonderful symbolic and interesting gift for Fathers Day or dads birthday. ()

7. Nature inspired glass painting patterns, leaves, tree branches or ocean waves are perfect for preparing surprizing and pleasant Fathers Day presents. Zebra stripes and zig-zag are simple and easy to make glass painting patterns that make glasses look interesting and colorful.

Glass painting offer wonderful craft ideas for adults and kids. It allows to unleash your imagination and use humor, creating a colorful and inexpensive gift for Fathers Day or your dads birthday. Hand painted glasses are an excellent way to make your dad feel loved and appreciated and attractively decorate the party table on his special day.

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