Large luxurious house design and interior decorating project by the Russian architectural firm Ershi-Co is impressive. Modern interior design ideas blend the elegance of classic style, contemporary materials and new technology, creating functional and stylish, comfortable and spacious home interiors in black and white.

Modern interior design creates convenient areas for adults and children, dividing the house into central part and two wings. The luxurious two story house is built on a hill in the village Yukki near St. Petersburg. The location offers a beautiful views of a garden and a country side, and allows to enjoy the lights of the large city in the evenings.

House exterior and interior design ideas creatively mix the classic style with elements in art deco and modern styles, inspired by Russian, French and American architectural designs of 20th century. Black and white decorating color palette helps create unique, elegant and impressive house exterior and interior design.

Modern interior design reinvents the classic style, adding advanced technology and new decorating materials that make home interiors more functional and contemporary.

Light neutral color palette is spiced with black decorative elements, such as wall panels, staircases,black-n-white wall tiles, curtains and decorative pillows.

Strong contrasts, created with neutral color palette and various textures make modern interior design look energetic, stylish and expensive.

Black and white decorating color palette creates harmony, as night and day, symbolizing the darkness and light. Simple and classy color combination is timeless and dramatic.

Black and white decorating ideas, modern bathroom design

Black and white decorating color palette is a perfect background for antiques that help unite the classic style with modern interior design ideas and materials. 

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Black And White Livind Room

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Black And White Living Room

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